About Hola Diosa

Hola Diosa is a women-led company that was created to support others in their travel endeavors, from providing travel planning services to sharing tried and true resources for novice and experienced travelers alike. Accessibility is our forte; our mission is to illuminate how feasible taking the trip of your dreams really is. At Hola Diosa, we know that a lot of consideration goes into booking your dreamiest trip, but what is often overlooked is the way that you’ll feel during your travels, which is why we especially hone in on tapping into your inner Diosa!  We want to help awaken that conviction within you that knows you to deserve incorporate travel into your lifestyle and for you to feel damn gorgeous doing so. 

Our founder, Kimberly Klein, takes the stress away that comes with planning a trip. Whether you’re looking for a luxury getaway, a retreat off the beaten path, a staycation or an adventure with your friends 10,000 miles away, our curated packages cover it all from finding the best airfare to planning transportation – you name it! As a FORA affiliate, we understand that luxury doesn’t start and end with the best accommodations. Rather, we use our expertise to tailor your travel itinerary  to ensure you get to experience the vacation you deserve. 

Going on a trip can unexpectedly change the way you move in the world, which is why Hola Diosa heavily focuses on pursuing the lifestyle you’ve always dreamt for yourself.  Don’t be surprised if you come back from your trip wanting to ditch the conventional.

"If we've sparked that urge within you to lean into your hedonistic, wanderlusty side, we'll call that a mission accomplished"

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